Saving lives from combustible tobacco products is a lofty goal.  Some say it will take a village.  At VAPRO Supply, we believe it will take an industry—an industry acting together with integrity and resolve to shape legislation that will impact our young, growing market.

Many industry groups and associations have undertaken this effort.  Identifying experts, decision makers, and issues; establishing priorities and strategies; and engaging in the long, measured process of shaping regulations has been happening at the federal, state, and local level.  If these efforts are successful, our industry, our livelihoods, and our mission—saving lives—will flourish. Of course, to be successful these efforts share a common need…money.

Many of the organizations working on our industry’s behalf struggle to operate.  Promoting activities, organizing members, hiring experts—even fundraising—are constrained by a lack of funding.  Although our industry is rife with resources, financing advocacy efficiently has been elusive.  Through SAVEvape, VAPRO Supply intends to coalesce our industry’s resources into a single endowment that can provide a steady, significant, and predictable source of funding for the variety of industry groups that serve us all.

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How It Works

To be effective, collecting and distributing donations has to be a simple, low-impact process. Supporting Advocacy through the VAPRO Endowment for Vape (SAVEvape) makes it effortless for manufacturers, retailers, and consumers—virtually ensuring the program’s success.

The concept is simple. For devices manufactured by SAVEvape sponsors, VAPRO Supply will donate $0.25 for each unit (defined by the unit count on a VAPRO Supply packing list) sold through VAPRO Supply and the sponsoring manufacturer will each contribute a portion of the designated amount. For all other products sold through, VAPRO Supply will donate $0.03 per unit (again, as defined by the unit count on a VAPRO Supply packing list).

Where the funds go will be determined by our customers. Each shop will designate its preferred state or national advocacy group by selecting from a list found in their VAPRO Supply account. Monthly, VAPRO Supply will calculate the amount due to each advocacy group based on the total purchases (and the mix of sponsored versus non-sponsored items) made by customers designating that group as their beneficiary. Payments will then be made directly from VAPRO Supply to the association, creating a predictable flow of funding for vapor industry advocacy.

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SAVEvape is intended to be an inclusive program that will allow customers to direct our donations to their preferred advocacy groups. Today, the list includes a variety of local, state, and national organizations that have been recommended by our customers. The list will remain dynamic, but will always reflect the preferences of our customers.

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The beauty of SAVEvape is that everyone can participate with virtually no change in their routine.

Manufacturers can easily become SAVEvape sponsors, making them major contributors to the advocacy effort with no administrative effort.

Vape shops can play a significant role in supporting our industry by making regular orders on and paying special attention to sponsored products.

Consumers can impact the entire effort by shifting their loyalty to shops that participate in the SAVEvape program.

How can you identify SAVEvape supporters? Simply look for this logo on the websites and displays of the rapidly growing number of manufacturers and vape shops participating in the SAVEvape initiative.

Contributing to SAVEvape